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Absolutely! We work on contingency fee basis, which basically means that we’ll take on your case without asking for any upfront payment. We’re so good at what we do, that we know we’ll be able to recover compensation from you, after which we will take our cut. Our cut is something that’s up for negotiation, so feel free to speak to us before signing anything. In addition, we may help you foot any outstanding bills as well as pay for treatment as you wait to get a verdict on your personal injury case.

This really depends on a number of factors. First, the law expects you to reach something called maximum medical healing which is a state of healing that won’t improve with the passage of time. This, of course, will depend on what kind of injury you have, and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a maximum of 2 years. In addition, how fast legal proceedings and negotiating go will also affect the duration of your case. At Edwin Reyes Law, we like to move fast and engage all parties so we can reach resolution in a year or less. As every case is different, please call us to get a definite timeline.

I understand how important it is to give my all to a client. Because of this, I want to promise you that I will personally take on your case and resolve it to your satisfaction. I am a solo partner, and may occasionally receive assistance from my employees. That being said, I will personally give my full attention to your case and not shunt it to a paralegal that may not have the needed experience trying these kinds of cases.

Sure thing! Please call us anytime on 312-220-7000 for your free consultation.

Again, this depends on your case’s particulars. For serious cases which involve disability or a missing or destroyed limb, you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild your life, and if it’s something like a slip and fall accident at work, probably tens of thousands of dollars.

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Generally, your employer is obligated to cover all necessary and reasonable medical expenses involved in treating your work-related injury. Though your employer is responsible for covering reasonable medical expenses, you are entitled to choose the doctor who treats you (though you are generally limited to two choices of doctors).

The injury does not need to be caused entirely from the course of your employment — you are also eligible for workers’ comp if performing your job aggravates a pre-existing injury. You do not need to prove negligence on the part of your employer in order to receive comp. It is also important to note that if you are injured by a third party while on the job, you may be eligible to collect comp from that party in addition to pursuing a workers’ comp claim.

Under most circumstances, your employer may be responsible for reimbursing you for two-thirds of your average weekly wage for time missed due to your work-related injury.

It is against Illinois law for an employer to harass you or terminate your employment because you have initiated a workers’ comp claim. If you think you have been terminated due to your claim, you should contact an Illinois