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Failure to Diagnose a Heart Attack in Chicago, Illinois Medical Malpractice Cases

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Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in our country. This disease is multifactorial in origin, and it can be fatal if not mitigated in a timely manner. Every year, 610,000 Americans will die on account of heart disease, and 735,000 will suffer a heart attack. In addition, one heart attack will predispose you to others in the future, making it necessary to see a doctor in order to diagnose and treat the problem.



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Heart Attacks and Medical Malpractice


A heart attack usually happens when there’s some kind of obstruction to the flow of blood in your heart. Symptoms include a heaviness in the chest area, and pain in your left arm. A heart attack must be treated fast in order to prevent complications from occurring.

Should doctors and other healthcare professionals fail to make a timely heart attack diagnosis, they may be held liable by way of a Chicago, Illinois medical malpractice case. This is because they will be said to have acted in a negligent manner when it comes to the dispensing of health services. In addition, doctors and other medical professionals all over Chicago are held to a certain standard of care which they must submit to when it comes to treating patients. Should they breach this duty of care, they’ll have to answer to a judge or our legal team in litigation negotiations.


Medical Malpractice Damages in Chicago, Illinois


With these kinds of medical malpractice cases, we’ll be able to recover for you the money you spent in past medical bills, pain and suffering, disability and lost income. These are called damages, and they are uncapped in our state, making it possible for us to sue for the maximum amount possible.


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