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‘Mr. Edwin Reyes has more than
25 years’ experience fighting for
workers and the injured in Chicago’.

Mr. Edwin Reyes is a Loyola University graduate based out of Chicago. He received his law degree from Boston’s North Eastern University, followed by a stint as a prosecutor in the Traffic Division of the City of Chicago’s Law Department. Due to his love for working with the average Joe, he decided to get into Workers’ Compensation in the same city, representing its workers.

He’s worked diligently in private practice over the last 25 years, giving a voice to injured workers as they go up against their employees before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. In this position, he’s acted as both Petitioner and Respondent, and has decades’ worth of experience as a personal injury lawyer.


Some of his notable achievements and positions include:

Awards From –

  • The Latin Bar Association (the Hispanic Lawyers of Illinois)
  • The Puerto Rican Bar Association
  • The Chicago Bar Association (the Vanguard Award)
  • The Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation

Membership To –

  • The Puerto Rican Bar Association (PRBA) – Vice President
  • The Chicago Bar Association (CBA)
  • The Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association (WCLA)
  • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)
  • The Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation of Illinoi
  • The Hispanic Lawyers Association Of Illinois, (HLAI)
  • The Illinois State Bar Association, (ISBA)


Mr. Reyes was also featured On Telemundo Spanish Language TV Discussing Workers’ Compensation,
and was Hearing Officer for the Chicago Board of Elections. In addition, he volunteers as the General Counsel for The Puerto Rican Police Association (PRPA).

Mr. Reyes is at heart a family man, and is deeply committed to his community’s development. A hard worker who started working at a very young age, Mr. Reyes was able to put himself through college and law school working a variety of jobs from bartender, limousine driver and construction worker. Mr. Reyes was raised by a single mother, and spent a lot of time living at his grandparent’s house.

He was inspired to get into law when he decided to follow in his sister’s footsteps who is a lawyer. This saw him attend law school in Boston before returning to Chicago to be with his family as well as become a founding member of the Puerto Rican Bar Association.

Despite the fact that he puts in 60-hour weeks at the law firm, he makes sure to set time aside for his wife and two daughters, aged 9 and 11. He enjoys going swimming, taking long bike rides with his family, spending time at the lake as well as attending sporting events if time allows.