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Advantages of Contingency Fee Attorneys

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Legal representation is an inalienable right provided to every American under the 7th Amendment. That being said, most people don’t have the financial resources to hire an attorney given their sky-high hourly rates and assorted fees. As a result, the law has made it possible for anyone seeking representation in a personal injury case to be provided these services on a contingency fee agreement.






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Contingency Fee Attorneys in Illinois

Contingency fee lawyers are ideal for personal injury cases in Illinois for a number of reasons. First, they work in good faith because you know that they’re not just attorneys who will tell you what you want to hear pre-trial in order to charge you as much as they can. These attorneys have to earn their bones, so to speak, as they go after insurance agencies, law enforcement and your defendants in an effort to get you what’s yours by law. They will use their financial and other resources such as time for many weeks and months and ensure that they win since they also have a stake in your case on account of wanting to recoup the money and time they’ve spent on you.



On top of that, contingency fee lawyers are very fair since you get to sit down with them and agree on a figure that’s acceptable to you when it comes to their fees and cut which will come out of your lump sum award. Typically, they’ll take 30 percent, but this number may be higher if your case is considered high risk for whatever reason.


Contingency Fee Attorneys are Selective

Contingency fee lawyers tend to be selective when it comes to the cases they take on. This is because they will almost never take on cases they believe they won’t win, making them a safe bet for you. In addition, they usually have decades of experience and a trail of very satisfied clients, making it almost certain that they will recover damages on your behalf.

It is important to have contingency fee agreements made in writing so there is no confusion down the line. In addition, ask to see case results and information about how long your case will take from start to recovery so you have a rough idea what the legal fees will be.


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