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Illinois Winter Driving Tips for Safe Driving

Written by: admin| Dec 28, 2016 | 0 Comment

Driving in winter weather in Illinois can be a treacherous affair. This is because weather during the Illinois winter period can change dramatically, visibility may be a problem, and ice on our roads can easily lead to loss of vehicle control, resulting in catastrophic accidents.


Snow plow



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It is important to carry out a few safety checks before heading out on the road during winter:

–          First, check that the different parts of your car are fully operational. For example, test the defogger, lights, rev up the engine and turn on the wipers to make sure all is OK. If you have doubts or see something that looks unusual in the engine compartment, it’s best to call a qualified mechanic and not take chances on the road.

–          Listen out for any traffic and weather reports and plan your trips accordingly. If there are alternate routes you can take, do that since this will save you time and fuel costs, not forgetting take you away from the scene of an accident should a car skid on ice and ram into other vehicles.

–          Remove snow from your vehicle to ensure proper visibility. The area just outside your windshield, the car’s front bumper as well as the back should be clear of any snow. In addition, check the roof as a lot of snow can blow off it while you’re driving, potentially blocking someone else’s field of view.


Here are some great tips for when you’re driving down any Chicago road during winter:

1.       Don’t follow the car ahead of yours too closely. This is because of the slippery nature of the roads, and the potential for you crashing into them should you be forced to stop in an emergency. Ideally, you should have a whole car’s length gap between your car and theirs.

2.       Keep your lights on whether you’re driving in light or heavy snow. This enables you to see other vehicles and vice versa, keeping everyone safe.

3.       Drive slowly and purposefully. Since roads are very slippery during winter, any increase in speed makes it that more likely for you to lose control of your vehicle.

4.       Should you be in a position where your car starts to skid, turn your back wheels in the opposite direction. In addition, you can apply steady pressure via the Anti-Lock Breaking System so you can regain control of your car.


Should you get into a Chicago accident during winter, don’t assume that the weather is to blame. Sometimes, careless and negligent drivers may cause your accident, making them liable for your injuries. Please get in touch with us today on 312-220-7000 so we can assess your case and determine if you have grounds to sue. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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