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Psychiatric Medical Malpractice in Chicago

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Psychiatry is a field of medicine which deals with the prescription and dispensing of medication after a correct diagnosis regarding a patient’s mental disorder is made. Conditions such as depression are growing with each passing year, with 1 in 5 Americans suffering some form of chronic depression at any given time. Psychiatric malpractice in Chicago, Illinois hospitals usually occurs due to the negligence or lack of action of a doctor whose actions cause harm to a patient and by extension, their family.



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Here are some of the instances when psychiatric malpractice can happen:


1.       Failure to accurately diagnose a patient

2.       Failure to prescribe the right medication to a patient

3.       Discharging a patient too early before they have had a chance to be stabilized

4.       Failure to section off dangerous patients who go on to attack a loved one

5.       Breach of doctor-patient confidentiality

6.       Failure to prevent the suicide of a patient

7.       Not seeking consent before sharing a patient’s information with others

8.      Sexual abuse


Suicide and Psychiatric Medical Malpractice in Chicago, Illinois


Psychiatrists are routinely sued for failing to prevent the suicide of a high risk individual. This is usually a preventable occurrence if a health professional makes a proper risk assessment, followed by recommendations to keep the patient safe. If a psychiatrist breaches this duty of care, you may be able to sue them and the hospital as the loved one of a patient who committed suicide.


Medical Malpractice Help in Chicago, Illinois


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