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Visual Problems in Children With Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy is a developmental disorder which occurs during pregnancy or the birthing process. It can be caused by maternal infections passing on to the baby, the use of clamps or forceps on the baby’s head during a difficult delivery, or leaving the baby too long in the birth canal during delivery. It is a life-long condition which, as of now, has no definite cure. This is a form of birth injury in Chicago for which you can file a lawsuit to help you and your family take care of a family member afflicted with the condition.



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How Common are Visual Problems in Cerebral Palsy?


Visual problems in children with cerebral palsy are a huge problem. This is due to areas of the brain that control vision being affected from the damage caused by cell death that’s seen in cerebral palsy cases in Chicago hospitals. To begin with, children with cerebral palsy may have a strabismus, an eye condition where each eye looks in a different direction. For instance, the left eye may turn partly inward, while the right one turns to the left. This can make it such that the child won’t be able to see what’s in front of them, making it hard for them to judge distances.


Types of Vision Problems Associated With Cerebral Palsy


Blurred or missing vision is also common in cerebral palsy due to the nerves in and around the eye being affected from the cortical visual impairment seen in these children. It’s not uncommon for kids with CP to get tired of using their eyes much quicker as they try hard to focus on something, and they may even make quick, darting eye movements due to mixed wiring in the brain caused by damage to the brain’s visual center. Lastly, children with cerebral palsy have been shown to have a problem with either nearsightedness or shortsightedness, necessitating the use of glasses.


Visual problems in children with cerebral palsy can be corrected to a certain extent using laser surgery or eye exercises. You can also make sure that they read, learn or play in brightly lit rooms to avoid the strain they often suffer from.


Cerebral Palsy Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois


At the end of the day, the failure of a doctor to act or act fast may have caused your child’s condition. If your child suffered a birth injury at a Chicago hospital, you may be able to collect money damages on their behalf by way of a Chicago, Illinois cerebral palsy lawsuit. Please call our Chicago, Illinois medical malpractice law firm today on 312-220-7000 to learn more about your family’s options for financial compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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