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Trench Collapse Accidents in Illinois

Written by: admin| May 16, 2017 | 0 Comment

Workers at construction sites in Illinois regularly dig trenches in order to access subterranean ground in order to install plumbing, wiring, or reinforce a building by way of pouring in foundation. These are a common scene in construction sites, and they must dug with care and by experienced or highly skilled workers. Trench collapse accidents in Illinois almost always end up in workers suffering severe injuries as well as losing their lives. It is estimated that trench collapse fatalities are 112% higher than other types of construction-related fatalities.





Trench collapses in Illinois construction sites are usually caused by the following:

1.       Poorly trained workers being asked to dig these trenches

2.       Not surveying the ground before commencing digging

3.       Using defective equipment to do the digging

4.       Lack of proper supervision by site managers

5.       Failing to reinforce or shore the trenches to prevent them from collapsing.


Trench Collapse Injuries

Trench collapses can lead to a number of severe, debilitating injuries. If workers aren’t going to be buried alive due to sand caving in on them, they might get electrocuted, suffer broken bones, internal organ damage, experience spinal cord injuries or suffer traumatic head injuries if they fall from substantial heights. While some of these Illinois trench collapses are inevitable, human negligence is more often than not the cause of a lot of these types of Illinois construction site accidents.


Legal Help for Trench Collapse Accidents

After suffering injuries due to an Illinois trench collapse, you will need extensive treatment and may have to take time off work in order to recuperate. As a result, you’ll have to contend with unpaid medical bills as well as unpaid wages. Even if your employer has workers’ compensation, you may want to consider filing an Illinois construction site injury lawsuit because this will enable you recover substantial compensation to help you take care of your present and future financial needs as well as compensate you for your non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.


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