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The Cost of a Chicago, Illinois DUI Part 2

Written by: admin| Oct 26, 2017 | 0 Comment

A Chicago, Illinois DUI is expensive with regard to both your money and time. When people are stopped by police for drinking and driving, they usually don’t have an inkling of what’s about to happen next, and they usually get shocked at the exorbitant amounts they have to pony up for their freedom as well as to the state in order to get back to living a somewhat normal life.



Are you looking for a Chicago, Illinois DUI attorney? Please give me a call today on 312-220-7000 for your free and confidential consultation into your case. By representing you, I may help minimize some of the charges brought up against you or have them dismissed altogether if there was an issue with the ticketing process or how the arresting officer followed or did not follow protocol during the event.


DUI Driving Charges


Depending on the nature of your offense, you may not have your license taken away. That being said, you may be required to pay $75 to the Illinois Secretary of State which will go into having a breathalyzer device installed in your automobile. In addition, you must pay a $30 administrative fee, and an additional $180 if you were suspended from driving for 6 months, or $360 for the 12 month suspension. As long as the breathalyzer stays in your vehicle, you’ll be expected to pay $95 every month, and should you want to have it removed when the judge mandates, you’ll have to pay an additional $100.


Court Costs & Fees


In the event that your case is dismissed, you won’t be required to pay any court costs. If, on the other hand, are found or plead guilty, you’ll pay anywhere between $1200 to $1500. In case your BAC was over 0.16 or had multiple charges brought up against you, you may have to contend with paying much more; that being said, this amount won’t go above $2500.


In our final article in the DUI charges in Chicago series, we’ll take a look at what you can expect to pay when it comes to treatment, reinstatement fees as well as attorney fees.


Fast Chicago, Illinois DUI Attorney Help


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