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Subdural Hematoma Injury Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

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A hematoma refers to a brain bleed which can be caused by blunt force trauma typically associated with an accident. The brain’s tissues are encased in your skull in such a compact manner that any kind of pressure on the tissue has the potential to cause global brain swelling, which in turn can lead to cell death and a host of complications.


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Subdural Hematoma Lawyer in Chicago – What is a Hematoma?


A subdural hematoma is also referred to an inter-cranial bleed, and it must be treated fast to preserve brain function. A hematoma, as we saw earlier in the article, exerts pressure on brain tissue. It is thought that hematoma can lead to death between 50 to 90 percent of the time.


While it may not be technically possible to see a hematoma, here are some outward warning signs:


–          Seizures

–          Vomiting and nausea

–          Eye problems

–          Confusion and fatigue

–          Numbness


Who is at Risk for a Hematoma?


Certain individuals are at risk for hematoma. This includes young children whose skulls are still delicate and forming, those with a history of alcoholism, the elderly, as well as those on blood thinners.


Hematoma Treatment


For the most part, surgery is recommended for hematomas. However, small hematomas may not need surgery, or a craniotomy. Over time, individuals who have suffered subdural hematomas will be more prone to suffering seizures, and they may have a hard time forming sentences or with memory and problem solving.


Hematoma Injury Lawyer in Chicago


If you suffered a subdural hematoma after an accident, or were operated on and suffered complications that led to your hematoma, you may be eligible for compensation. Please call our Chicago, Illinois subdural hematoma injury lawyer today on 312-220-7000 for your free and confidential consultation into your legal options for compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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