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Legal Help for Skull Fractures After a Chicago Accident

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Your skull protects your brain, perhaps the most powerful organ in your body. It is made of thick bony tissue which is resistant to trauma to a certain extent unless there are large forces involved. A skull fracture after a Chicago car accident is a serious injury because of the resultant complications that may arise shortly after your injury.


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Skull fractures usually involve some kind of break in your cranial skull. Usually, it is compounded by a head injury and in some cases, brain injury and damage as well.


Here are some of the most common types of skull fractures after a Chicago accident:


1.       Linear fracture, which is the most common type, involves a thin line formed by a break in the structure of the skull

2.       A compound fracture involves bone splinters breaking your skin and sticking out

3.       A depressed fracture which forms a depression of the brain inward

4.       Simple fracture which is a simple bone break and no visible skin damage.


Skull fractures are considered serious injuries which need emergency medical care as they may affect your brain. Doctors, depending on the severity of your injury, may recommend surgery, or will clean the fracture and send you home with some analgesic medications and antibiotics if there was no break in the skin and the fracture was minor.


Skull Fracture Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois 


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