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Legal Help for Opioid Prescription Lawsuits in Chicago

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The opioid crisis has grown by more than 300 percent over the last 17 years, in part due to aggressive marketing and advertising by pharmaceutical companies as well as doctors overprescribing these pain pills for anything from a sprained ankle to a self-resolving headache. When it comes to medical negligence regarding opioid overprescription in Illinois, there are various factors which one must look at in order to definitively say that a doctor prescribing these pain relieving medications acted in negligent manner.



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Opioid Overprescription in Illinois – What the Law Says


As a rule of thumb, doctors are required to employ reasonable care in the prescription of any medications. That is to say, their actions and decision to prescribe an opioid must be in line with what another doctor of the same standing would do were they in the same situation, and they must act within certain guidelines when prescribing said opioids. Doctors are held to a certain standard of care, the breaching of which can be equated to medical malpractice for which they can be sued under Chicago, Illinois medical malpractice law.


Long-term Opioid Use – Medical Malpractice


It is important that doctors, cognizant of the addictive nature of opioids, prescribe these medications for a short amount of time at the correct dosage. Should the patient be suffering from intractable pain which can sometimes last years, the reasonable thing to do as a medical professional would be for them to refer you to a pain specialist who will explore other treatment modalities instead of letting you become addicted to dangerous medications which can lead to severe addictions.


Opioid Prescription Negligence Help in Chicago


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