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Legal Help for Injured FELA Workers in Chicago

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Railroad  workers in Chicago work in a perilous industry fraught with hazards and dangers that they must prepare for on a daily basis. As bona fide federal workers, they are protected under the Federal Employee Liability Act which seeks to compensate them for injuries sustained on the job as long as they can prove that the injury was due to negligence.



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Railroad Worker Injuries


The U.S. Railroad industry has always been a dangerous one. From the late 1800’s, workers would suffer life-threatening injuries such as decapitations, and their life expectancy was one of the shortest in the American labor market. This prompted congress to pass the FELA act in order to protect the rights of these individuals, ensuring that they work in a safe environment and that they are able to seek compensation should they suffer an injury.


Here are some of the most common railroad worker injuries in Chicago:


1.       You may have cargo fall on you while offloading, leading to head trauma, back injuries or a crushed foot.

2.       You may be hit by a train whose operator failed to appropriately signal that he is unable to come to a stop for whatever reason.

3.       You may suffer a burn injury due to a malfunctioning train part

4.       You may trip and fall in the warehouses due to someone not cleaning up after themselves due to poor worker training regarding the proper storage of vehicles or equipment.


How Are Chicago FELA Cases Different?


FELA cases in Chicago, Illinois are different compared to workers’ compensation cases because you are required to show fault. That is to say, you will have to demonstrate the legal negligence of your employer in order to receive compensation. In addition, FELA claims are not capped, meaning you can sue for the maximum amount for your injuries.


FELA Injured Worker Attorney in Chicago, Illinois


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