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Crane Injury Lawsuits in Chicago Illinois

Written by: admin| Jun 28, 2017 | 0 Comment

Cranes are vital in the construction and manufacturing industries. These carry loads over long distances that may be too heavy for humans or vehicles as well as raise them to heights that no other machine can. Despite the fact that they are indispensable, they can cause severe and catastrophic injuries on the operators that use them as well the people around the machine.


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Cranes can cause injuries in a number of ways:

1.       The operator may not be properly trained, causing him to take his leg off the brake pedal at an inopportune time, leading to the machine crashing into nearby workers.

2.       The crane may be poorly maintained due to supervisor negligence, causing it to malfunction at the work site.

3.       The crane parts may have been manufactured in a negligent manner, causing dangerous components to come apart and hit or fly into the faces of the operator or other workers

4.       The crane operator may choose to engage in other activities during operation, and his attention may lead to the crane dropping a large load onto the floor underneath that may catch someone’s head as it falls.

5.       The crane operator may ignore inclement weather and operate the machine during a storm, leading to electrocution.

Cranes are large and more often than not, weigh hundreds of tons. They are thus capable of inflicting severe, life-changing injuries.


Here are some of the injuries you can expect from these types of machinery:

1.       Broken bones

2.       Traumatic brain injury

3.       Crushed skulls

4.       Impingement

5.       Electrocution

6.       Spinal cord injuries.


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