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Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawyer in Chicago

Written by: admin| Oct 9, 2017 | 0 Comment

Risperdal is an antipsychotic that is used to treat severe mental health disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. While it is efficacious, it comes with a disturbing mix of side effects that can affect one’s physiology. This blockbuster drug was launched in the 90’s and received FDA approval even without extensive long-term safety studies regarding its potential to tamper with a person’s biological processes on a fundamental level.

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Chicago Effexor Birth Injury Lawsuits

Written by: admin| Sep 19, 2017 | 0 Comment

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people across the world suffers from depression. In addition, women, more than men, are affected by mood disorders, impacting their ability to make rational decisions as well as maintain a stable mood needed in maintaining good human relationships. Antidepressants have been the medication-du-jour ever since Prozac made its foray into the public domain in the late eighties. One such antidepressant, Effexor, also known as venlafaxine, is used in the treatment of major depressive disorder, prescribed by your average doctor or psychiatrist in a hospital setting.

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Legal Help for Child Highchair Injuries in Chicago, Illinois

Written by: admin| Sep 12, 2017 | 0 Comment

Highchairs are great for toddlers that are of a certain age who need to be restrained as they eat. They are sold en masse at various common outlets such as Walmart, and they are an American staple, loved by young families with little kids in the house. These are usually made in China, Mexico Thailand and in some European countries, and they come in a variety of designs and price points.

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Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits in Chicago, Illinois

Written by: admin| Aug 21, 2017 | 0 Comment

Hernias usually form due to overexertion. They mostly occur in the abdominal area due to the weak musculature found in this region of the body, but it’s not uncommon for them to appear on one’s calves or anywhere below the thigh and knee. Hernias are painful and can become worse over time, leading to infection and even organ damage. Hernias are typically treated via surgery where doctors open you up and push back abdominal contents into the cavity they came from, held in place by a plastic mesh.


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Legal Help For 4th of July Fireworks Injuries in Chicago

Written by: admin| Jun 29, 2017 | 0 Comment

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and the nation is gearing up to celebrate Independence Day via tens of thousands of fireworks that will be lit from coast to coast by patriotic citizens. Fireworks can transform the night sky; however, they can be dangerous and lead to severe, life-changing injuries if mishandled.


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Can I Sue a Generic Drug Manufacturer?

Written by: admin| Jun 29, 2017 | 0 Comment

When you take a drug, you expect it to go to work at relieving any kind of discomfort or even cure you of a condition. Getting injured by a drug is like adding insult to injury, or kicking a dog when it’s down. Drug companies hold patents to the original formulas of drugs that they market for decades. Once the patent runs out, it becomes a free-for-all as generic drug manufacturers go to work at copying the drug and making it available to the general public for a much more affordable price.


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Onglyza Lawsuit Help in Chicago Illinois

Written by: admin| Jun 28, 2017 | 0 Comment

Millions of Americans live with Type 2 diabetes, managing their condition with medication and a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. This is a form of diabetes which is caused by the body not producing sufficient amounts of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes usually develops in the mid to late twenties and only becomes a serious issue when one hits their mid thirties and early forties. If left unchecked, blood sugar dysregulation can wreak havoc on the body, leading to blindness and the need to amputate one’s limbs.

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Talc and Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits in Illinois

Written by: admin| Jun 19, 2017 | 0 Comment

Talc has been a mainstay in the women’s hygiene products market since the 70’s. many women, their mothers and grandmothers have used products such as Johnson & Johnson to help keep themselves cool and control excess moisture every day before heading out to work. Last year, an Illinois woman came forward with claims that the talc powder she had been using for a long time was the primary cause of her ovarian cancer. Armed with adequate medical evidence and a good attorney, she was able to win a substantial amount as settlement for the cancer the product caused.

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Power Morcellator Lawsuits in Illinois

Written by: admin| May 11, 2017 | 0 Comment

Uterine fibroids are a medical reality a lot of women have to deal with. Left untreated, these can mutate and grow, either leading to uterine and reproductive damage, or uterine sarcoma or cancer. Laparoscopic morcellators are medical devices that were introduced in the early 90’s that are used to remove fibroids via a minimally invasive surgical procedure. While they are effective, they have been shown to spread cancer cells, leading to metastasis and sometimes, death, due to cancer complications.


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Mirena IUD Lawsuits in Illinois

Written by: admin| May 1, 2017 | 0 Comment

An intrauterine device is an object that is mostly made out of a metal that is inserted into a woman’s cervix as a means of birth control without having to resort to pills. This device has been used for decades, and if used correctly, can stop pregnancies 99 percent of the time for up to 5 years.

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