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Premature Discharge – Chicago Medical Malpractice

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Common sense and good judgment presupposes that patients should only be discharged if they are fit enough to go home and not be under constant medical supervision. This is because premature discharge from any Chicago hospital can lead to complications which may be hard to stem once they start.



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Here are some of the reasons why doctors prematurely discharge patients:


1.       Money – it is no secret that our medical establishment is highly incentivized: the faster a doctor can see and treat a patient, the faster they can move on to the next patient and so on. Not only is this unethical, but it also puts your health at risk because the rush job the doctor performed might just be the thing which plunges you into a severe medical emergency

2.       Inattention – Doctors and surgeons in Chicago hospitals are often overworked and as a result, they have to push through with whatever little energy they have left, making it more likely for them to make mistakes and erroneously discharge patients who are still chronically ill.

3.       Misinterpreted lab tests and failure to properly diagnose a patient may lead to a doctor discharging them, only for the patient to suffer complications while at home.

4.       Poor management practices in the hospital may lead to patients being sent home without the doctor approving of the discharge.


Doctor’s Responsibilities


Doctors and hospital management are required by the law to act in a manner that is reasonable when deciding to discharge a patient. They are also required to weigh the pros and cons and make informed decisions that will mirror any other health professional’s had they been in the same position in order to protect the patient’s welfare. Failure to do this constitutes medical malpractice in Chicago which is punishable by way of a Chicago, Illinois medical errors lawsuit.


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