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Treatment for Ear Injuries Sustained After a Chicago Personal Injury Accident

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Hearing loss is a common side-effect of a Chicago, Illinois personal injury event or accident. Many individuals usually wonder if they will regain full hearing capacity after suffering this kind of trauma, because, let’s face it, the ability to hear can help both enrich your life as well as keep you out of harm’s way, making hearing loss a huge concern for people involved in personal injury cases in Chicago.



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Ear Trauma Diagnosis


Diagnosis usually starts with a physical exam and your doctor taking your full medical history. He or she will examine your neck and head to see if there are outward signs of ear trauma. They will look for whether cartilage was involved in your injury, whether or not you present with a swelling, as well as the exact nature of the injury to your inner eye which is sussed out by the use of an otoscope. Things your doctor will look out for include tympanic membrane rupture, whether there’s bleeding, as well as performing what’s called a tympanogram to check on the integrity of your ear drum.


Ear Injury Treatment


Treatment depends on the type of injury you sustained to your eye. In cases where the inner ear is involved, doctors will perform surgery to stitch the ear together if you have an avulsion or laceration in your outer ear. If you have inner ear trauma such as ear drum perforation, doctors will wait until the ear drum heals which usually takes about two months. In that time, you will be prescribed antibiotics to stave off any infections. Lastly, if you suffered profound inner ear damage, you may be required to be fitted with a cochlear implant.


Ear Injury Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, Illinois


Suffered an ear injury in a Chicago personal injury case? Please contact us today on 312-220-7000 for more information on your legal options for compensation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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